Why choose to support Paul Sartori quotecorner.com/ativan.html Foundation?

We can can develop partnerships which can help you achieve your business aims and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are a local, high profile charity.  It is a fact that any one might need hospice care one day.  It may be possible that some of  your employees will have had some experience of hospice care already and know about the wonderful support that we as a charity can provide.

We are lead provider of hospice care within the county of a Pembrokeshire and we have been around a long time – we were set up in 1982 – so 28 years later we should know what we are doing!  We move with the times, developing our services to meet the change in demand – if we have the income to do so!

We  reach out to around 700 families a year and we are working towards developing a large portfolio of supportive businesses.

How do we work with  a business ?

We run  our own high, quality fundraising events with the support of the business community.  Businesses can sponsor with cash,  with practical help and achieve recognition through event publicity. We like to think that each partnership is based on a tailor made package.  The  innovation which is present in our clinical service also permeates through to our dealings with a business – we aim to provide a sponsor with benefits.

We can also provide support to businesses who choose to run their own fundraising events in aid of Paul Sartori Foundation.  We also try to link businesses together so that joint events could be held which are mutually beneficial.

You can place one of our collecting boxes in your workplace.

By supporting Paul Sartori Foundation you will become more strongly connected to the local  Pembrokeshire community.

Why support a charity?

Responsible business practice, Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) or Corporate Responsibility is when a business gives something back to the community in which it is operating.

What better way to give something back than by actively supporting Paul Sartori Foundation, a local charity caring for local people.

Want to get involved – then explore this website  and see what takes your fancy – we would love to hear from you!

Contacting a business as a fundraiser

We are delighted that we have the opportunity to involve many businesses and commercial organisations in providing support to our Hospice charity, Paul Sartori Foundation.  Businesses can carry out a group activity , adopt us as the charity of the year or place our logo on their products.  There are many ways that businesses can help to raise funds for the hospice service.

Paul Sartori Foundation actively approaches companies for corporate sponsorship and marketing opportuniites.  Many local businesses may already be supporting Paul Sartori  Foundation and for that reason we encourage all volunteer fundraisers to contact us before going ahead with any suggestion of getting support from businesses.  In so doing we can cross check the relevant organisation against our existing and potential donors.  This will prevent organisations receiving multiple requests for the same cause and giving out a mixed message.

If our attention is drawn to a potential business partner then we can work together to develop a successful partnership.  Many businesses are pleased to donate prizes for a raffle or to buy advertising space in a programme.

If  a commercial organisation does offer support then Paul Sartori Foundation will establish clear guidelines for the involvement.