Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a simple, efficient and flexible scheme, which allows you to donate to Paul Sartori Foundation by a direct deduction from your wage. All donations given in this way are tax effective so we receive your donation AND the tax you would have paid on this amount.

For a higher rate taxpayer, payroll giving is the ONLY way that a charity can automatically receive all your tax on your charitable donation.

Should you wish to make a donation in this way then do have a word with your employer.

More information can be found at Payroll Giving centre.

News – Feb 2011

Charities could benefit from the change in tax bands that will see an additional 750,000 people paying 40 percent tax on their salaries from 5 April 2011. According to Geared for Giving, this change could encourage employees to regularly donate through their payroll.

Charities can only claim the standard rate of tax on Gift Aid donations. However, they can claim the full tax rate when an individual makes a donation via their workplace giving scheme