A regular gift helps us plan ahead

Every contribution makes a real difference and a small, regular gift allows Paul Sartori Foundation to plan ahead more effectively, knowing that money is pledged each month to help support the range of services we provide for our patients, their families and carers. 

 A regular gift through a Direct Debit donation can also help us save on administration costs so that more of your money can be spent on providing the hands on care.


How your regular gift can help

  • A regular gift will help us plan for respite care
  • We can be sure that we can keep our equipment loan vehicle on the road.
  • You will help us put care into the home of a patient.

Why a Direct Debit?

Q: Why do you want me to commit to such a small Direct Debit? Surely a larger one-off gift would be better?
A: We gratefully accept any and all gifts. But regular gifts – however small – mean that we know how much money we’ve got coming in, and that helps us plan ahead. If you want to gift more than £3 a month, please do so!

Q: Isn’t it more efficient to send you donations now and then?
A: Actually, no, it isn’t. Direct Debit helps us to save admin costs, so more money can go into our core services. Of course, if you’re not ready to make a regular gift at the moment, any donation will help and will be appreciated.

How do I donate by Direct debit?

If you would like to donate by direct debit, you can do this online justgiving , or contact us and we will ensure that a form is sent to you.

The bank account details for Paul Sartori Foundation for regular gifts is: Lloyds TSB, Victoria Plce, Haverfordwest; Account No: 00480809; Sort Code:30-93-98; Account Name: Paul Sartori Foundation Ltd.