A Unique Way To Pay Tribute…

Starting a ‘White Sails Fund’ creates a lasting tribute to a loved one whilst helping to provide care to those who wish to be at home with their loved ones at the end of their life.

 The Paul Sartori White Sails Fund provides an opportunity to create a lasting and personalised tribute for anybody that wishes to honour the memory of a loved one.

 You can set up a White Sails Tribute Fund even if Paul Sartori Foundation was not involved in the care of your loved one.

 By starting a White Sails Tribute Fund, you are creating a lasting tribute to someone who has touched your life and ensuring they continue to make a difference.

 Details of the fund set up in the name of the person you wish to remember can be shared with friends and family to form a growing focus for all your contributions made to Paul Sartori Foundation. White sails funds are permanent and you can donate as little or as much as you like.

 We will monitor your White Sails Fund and update you every year to keep you informed of the amount it has raised and to let you know what a difference it has made to the lives of our patients.

 Once you have started your White Sails Tribute Fund with your initial donation of £25.00, we will send out the White Sails pin badge and welcome pack to the person who has set it up and each year, they will be invited to an annual White Sails event to pay tribute to loved ones.

 For every family member or friend that donates to your tribute fund, a White Sails pin badge will be sent, so the whole family can wear their White Sails pin with pride, knowing that their donations have helped other families in Pembrokeshire.

 You can also set up a dedicated webpage in honour of your loved one if you choose, and can decide whether you would like it to be displayed on the Paul Sartori Foundation website.

 ‘‘Dad meant the world to us and we never want his name to be forgotten. Each year on his birthday, Father’s Day and at Christmas, we will know that the gifts we make to his tribute fund will give more families the choices and support that we had…thanks to Paul Sartori Foundation.’’                                                                 

 What if friends and family wish to donate to your Tribute Fund?

 If any friend or family member would like to make donations to your tribute fund, simply ask them to fill in the special donation cards contained in your welcome pack and return to us with the donation so that we may allocate it to your fund and send them their own White Sails pin badge. (Cheques payable to Paul Sartori Foundation)

 Steps to setting up a personalised web page

 Now that you have set up your White Sails Tribute fund in honour of your loved one with your initial donation of £25.00, you can choose to :

  •  Personalise your dedicated web page from a range of images available.
  • Add your own pictures, videos and music.
  • Add messages, loving thoughts or poems.
  • Mark anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions.
  • Add the name of your Tribute Fund to the Paul Sartori Foundation Web Site
  • Make your tribute web page for public viewing.
  • Keep your tribute web page private for your personal viewing and for those that you choose to invite into the site.

 There is no charge for the web page and this can be set up in a few minutes by clicking Much Loved and following five easy steps.            

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