We wish to offer our  sincere condolences if you have recently lost a member of your family or a friend.  We are extremely grateful to you for thinking of us at such a difficult time.

Many choose to make a donation rather than buying flowers for a funeral.  For many it is a fitting way for family and friends to pay tribute to their loved one.  Gifts made in memoryof an individual not only commemorates their name but also demonstrates the support for the work of Paul Sartori Foundation.

How to make the in memoriam donation

  • Donations , cash or cheques (made payable to Paul Sartori Foundation) can be made directly to Paul Sartori Foundation, through the post, (Paul Sartori House, Winch Lane, Haverfordwest, SA61 1RP), in person at one of the ‘Sartori Stores’ or at our main office, Paul Sartori House, Winch Lane, Haverfordwest, SA61 1RP, or online here

Remember a loved one with JustGiving

  • For some families they inform the undertaker that they wish donations to be made to Paul Sartori Foundation and the undertaker will act as the named collector and will forward the total to Paul Sartori Foundation.
  • For others a close friend may act as the collector, they may open a separate bank account and then once all donations have been received the money will be passed onto Paul Sartori Foundation.
  • Donations can also be gift aided by an individual (the complete in memoriam donation cannot be gift aided – each individual has to complete a form allowing a gift aid)
  • Gift aid envelopes are available from Paul Sartori Foundation and can be placed at the funeral for givers to utilise.

How does Paul Sartori Foundation record the in memoriam donation

  • Once Paul Sartori Foundation receives the first in memoriam donation, a personal file is opened in which all the donations and names and addresses of those making a donation are recorded.
  • All persons making a donation are personally thanked by letter if an address has been supplied. Some request that no acknowledgement is necessary.
  • In memoriam files are kept open for six months.  The total amount received is noted and a letter sent to the next of kin with the list of the names of those who have made a donation with the total amount received.
  • The personal file can be viewed at any time by the named next of kin.

Paul Sartori Foundation is not automatically informed that it will be in receipt of in memoriam donations, usually the first notification is the receipt of a donation.

Some choose to remember their loved one by making a donation on birthdays, anniversaries and other special days, for this purpose Paul Sartori Foundation has set up ‘The White Sails Fund’ , further information can be found on this website.

Please do get in touch if you want to know more.