Many physical and psychological problems can be caused or exacerbated by unaddressed stress and can contribute to the overall state of our health. Complementary therapies may be useful in helping to reduce stress and improve the quality of life. Paul Sartori Foundation (PSF) offers a free complementary therapy service to adults in Pembrokeshire who are living with life-limiting conditions and their carers.



Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils of plants for therapeutic purposes.  Plants have been used as medicines almost since time began and the oils have many different properties.  They can be used to help relieve numerous physical and psychological conditions and may be applied in several ways. As well as using oil blends for aromatherapy massage, information and advice regarding home use is also available.


Massage is the manipulation of soft body tissue and its benefits can include pain relief and the inducement of relaxation.  It can be carried out on individual parts of the body separately or over the whole body as a full body massage.  Full body massages are not advisable if serious medical conditions exist, Short sessions in areas of concern may be equally therapeutic, particularly if combined with a suitable aromatherapy oil blend.


Reflexology originates from the same Chinese source as acupuncture.  It is a unique system of foot massage, which enables the therapist to treat the whole body. The premise behind the therapy is that the body’s organs are “reflected” in other parts of the body, usually the feet or hands.  By massaging specific points on the feet or hands the therapist is able to help the body relax and re-balance its energy flow. Treatments may be carried out seated or lying down and only footwear is removed.


Reiki is a Japanese form of hands-on therapy based on concept of ‘energy systems’.  The therapy seeks to relieve any blockage or imbalance to the body’s energy system.  It is an extremely relaxing therapy, and may be used for many conditions. The treatments may be carried out seated or lying down and you remain clothed throughout, removing only your shoes.



A consultation must be carried out before any treatment to ensure the best possible treatment. People having therapy may be accompanied if they wish and may discontinue treatments at any time.  As much notice as possible should be given if a session is cancelled, so that it can be made available for someone else.


After Care


After any therapy, an adverse response may occur.  This is quite common and is thought to indicate that the therapeutic process has begun.  It can take the form of coughing, sneezing, hiccupping or other purging. Your symptoms may seem worse for a short time or you may feel tired or elated.  These symptoms do not last long and can be alleviated by resting and sipping plenty of water.  If you have any concerns regarding the treatment or the effects last longer than 48hrs, you should contact your therapist or PSF for advice.