Hospices need good governance by their trustees, clear leadership by their chairmen and effective management by their senior staff. This enables hospices to provide high quality services to users and to retain the confidence of donors, funders, volunteers and staff.

Help the Hospices and other organisations provide services and materials to help trustees, chairmen and senior staff to develop strong governance.

What is governance?

Governance refers to the arrangements in Paul Sartori Foundation by which the trustees exercise their legal duties of care, influence and control over the running of the hospice. It includes:

  • an appropriate legal structure (a constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • accountability to the members and to regulatory bodies
  • budget setting and monitoring
  • forward planning
  • compliance with all relevant standards and legal obligations
  • establishing a fair and ethical working environment.


How governance is different from management

Trustees are responsible for exercising governance when they meet together as a board or committee. Governance requires them to maintain a strategic overview of the direction and performance of the entire hospice.

Management is the responsibility of the  senior managers. It involves the operational delivery of services to hospice users and their families, and putting into practice the plans and decisions made by the trustees.


How good is the  governance of Paul Sartori Foundation?

Have a go at a short self-assessment quiz for trustees about their governance role .

Supporting hospice trustees

Help the Hospices supports trustees by providing:

  • publications and briefings
  • a Trustee induction pack with resources and information
  • the one-day Board Development Programme, a workshop which focuses on the roles and key responsibilities of the Board and how these can be best met
  • the two-day Partners in Success workshop which develops the relationship between the chair and chief executive of your hospice
  • onsite consultancy and training services for hospices dealing with a specific situation, or which require a service tailored to their particular circumstances


Help the Hospices, the Association for Hospice Management and the Forum of Chairmen of Independent Hospices have endorsed the Good Governance Code developed nationally by the Governance Hub consortium.

What are your governance issues?

Help the Hospices welcomes comments and questions about current issues affecting  hospices.

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