Collection boxes  are available for placing in a private home, in a place of work, a public house or other community facility.

The boxes can provide a valuable source of income for our charity.  We have many across the county of Pembrokeshire in local shops but we could do with getting more into work places.   The boxes help to raise our profile.  The boxes get collected and replaced on a regular basis and these are done by volunteers.

It can be very time consuming if one person has the responsibility for dealing with all the boxes but with many helping then the task can be more pleasureable.

We would love to have more volunteers come forward to help us service the collection boxes.  For those who love meeting  people and like to have a chat then this can be a very rewarding activity.  You will not be expected to count the money in the box this will be done by other volunteers.

Once a collecting box has been counted then a receipt and certificate is sent to the workplace/shop  this can then be displayed for all to see how much has been collected.

If you would like to help with the collecting boxes then please contact Sandra Dade