In the interests of patient care and the reputation of the Foundation it is important that any concerns or complaints about the conduct of paid staff, registered volunteers and members of the Board of Trustees  or quality of service is passed directly through to the Foundation.  In this way it is hoped that matters can be improved.

In the same way it is very useful for the Foundation to also receive positive comments.

The procedure for both complaints and compliments is the same.

  • With reference to a ‘Sartori Store’  -contact volunteer supervisor of that store.
  • With reference to shop supervisors – contact Sandra Dade, Charity Manager
  • With reference to a member of the clinical team contact the Matron/Clinical Services Manager,  Sophie Thomas
  • With reference to the Matron/Clinical Services Manager – Dr Liz Mozdiak, Registered Individual
  • With reference to non-clinical staff and volunteers – Contact Sandra Dade, Charity Manager
  • With reference to Charity Manager – contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mr Charles Clewett
  • With reference to Trustees – contact either Charity Manager/Company Secretary, Sandra Dade or Chair of the Board of Trustees, Charles Clewett
  • With reference to the Chair of the Board of Trustees – contact Company Secretary/Charity Manager, Sandra Dade

All paid staff, Trustees and registered volunteers are bound by a code of conduct – and we should all be aware of the good name of Paul Sartori Foundation and not bring it into disrepute, members of the public should contact the charity if they feel that the  name of the hospice has been damaged in anyway.

The address to send written complaints and do  mark the correspondence ‘private and confidential’:  Paul Sartori Hospice at Home, Paul Sartori House, Winch Lane, Haverfordwest, SA61 1RP


A verbal complaint can be phoned through on 01437 763223 and the name of the contact individual requested.

Email contact can be made through this website.

Should you wish to ask any other questions about the procedure then please contact, Sandra Dade Company Secretary/Charity Manager

As the charity is registered as both a Nurses Agency and a Domiciliary Care Agency then users of the service can also forward complaints about clinical  and social care received by contacting the Government Agency, the Care and Social  Services Inspectorate of Wales which regulates that part of the service.

The local CSSIW Office is based at:
Government Buildings
Picton Terrace
Carmarthen SA31 3BT
Telephone: 01267 245160
Fax: 01267 245140

The Charity Commission is responsible for regulating the entire organistion.