We have planning permission on our large plot at Haven Road.  The FOR SALE board is up and we will also have a banner on the railings saying “WE ARE ON THE MOVE” very soon.  Please visit RK Lucas’ website for further information on the property:

Haven Road, Haverfordwest


Our appointed contractor WB Griffiths have been wonderful – Anthony, Site Manager and his team have been doing a great job.  A number of staff have now had the opportunity to take a sneaky peek and everything is progressing well, with the keys to be handed back to us very soon.

The new and improved Complementary Therapy room is finished and requires furniture.  This facility will enhance the facilities that we are able to offer.

The new equipment store will now be incorporated into the main head office building and will be a far cry from the facilities we have now.

Our “inherited” reception desk has been given a new lease of life; is looking wonderful and has been installed with a disabled flap to accommodate wheelchair access.

Our in-house Training Room is looking great and is ready for furniture and IT installation.

The two new Counselling Rooms are finished and ready for furniture.

Clinical Ops, Clinical specialists, Laura Hugman’s office (Clinical Team Manager), Income Generation, Bookkeeper’s Office and Sandra Dade’s Office (Charity Manager) are all about there too.


All completed (on schedule).  The move date is anticipate to be the first week in May 2017

We are slightly over budget for unforeseen reasons, but we have a small pot of grant money to cover this, so we are still OK.

We would like to remind our supporters that the Foundation is spending money on Paul Sartori  House that has been realised/going to be realised from the Foundation’s property portfolio. The Board is passionate about retaining gifts and donations from the general public for their intended purpose we hope everyone is assured and will continue to share this message with other  interested parties.

Staff have attended Change Management Workshops run free of charge by JCP Solicitors. From these workshops we have gathered that communications have been sufficient. However, the general consensus is that there is a need for a Paul Sartori House progress Q & A sheet which will be drawn up soon  and distributed.