Paul Sartori Foundation services are designed for people in the later stages of a life-limiting disease and whose condition is deteriorating.

Approximately 65% of our patients have a cancer diagnosis and 35% have other diagnoses. Other diagnoses include: heart failure, lung diseases, motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and kidney failure.

We use the Royal College of General Practitioners Gold Standard Framework guidance to help us identify people who may be eligible for our services.  This provides healthcare professionals with:

Guidance to enable better identification of patients who may need supportive/palliative care’Prognostic Indicator Guidance October 2011


Services are usually only provided to people who live in Pembrokeshire.  However, we can make exceptions for specific cases, if other services cannot help.  This is usually as a temporary arrangement, while other services are being arranged. The map below shows the approximate location of the 1900+ people we provided services to between April 2012 and March 2015



We are registered with the Care and Social Services Council Wales (CSSIW) as a Domiciliary Care and Nurses Agency for people over 18.   We can apply for a ‘variation order’ from CSSIW if our services are needed by someone under 18.  CSSIW will grant this if they are satisfied that we have appropriate supervision and training arrangements in place for the care of the patient.

Other services

Paul Sartori Foundation aims to supplement, rather than replace, other services.  We expect other services to be applied for in the normal way.  For example: if a patient deteriorates suddenly and needs help with personal care, we would provide temporary help while a social services or NHS application was being made.

Similarly, we can provide  equipment needed at short notice and out of office hours, but we would expect this to be replaced by the NHS/Social Services equipment store (‘SHAPES’) as soon as possible.

The overall management of patients requiring nursing care remains the responsibility of the district nursing service, with whom we work closely.