We have recently launched a new Volunteer Hourly Reward Scheme to recognise our volunteers and the dedication that they show to the Foundation.

The new scheme, in conjunction with PAVS (Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services), is a great way for the Foundation to show its appreciation for all of the hard work, effort and time volunteers contribute throughout the varying roles available within the Foundation, from fundraisers, shop assistants, door to door collectors, trustees, van drivers and complementary therapists, to name but a few.

Hourly Reward Scheme

Volunteers can obtain certificates for 50, 100 and 200 hours of volunteering.  There are two different schemes depending on the age:

Millennium Volunteers are aged 14-25

25+V are for over 25 years

Volunteers can start counting hours and claiming certificates by:

  1. Contacting PAVS – details below, to let them know they want to register. PAVS will take a few details and ask where they are volunteering
  2. PAVS will post/email a timesheet which volunteers are required to complete every time they volunteer
  3. Once the timesheet is complete, or they have reached 50/100 hours, the volunteer will ask the supervisor/manager to sign the sheet and return it to PAVS
  4. Volunteers get a new timesheet to carry on counting the hours quotecorner.com/alprazolam.html until they get to 200!


More about Millennium Volunteers (MV) – this scheme is administered in Wales by the Welsh Government which gives recognition to young people aged 14-25 for their volunteering activities.

  • The 200 hours certificate is signed by the First Minister of the Welsh Government
  • It can help develop volunteers skills, qualifications and job prospects – a certificate endorsed by the First Minister showing 200 hours of commitment to volunteering will impress employers, UCAS and college applications
  • If volunteers are registered with other schemes (e.g. Duke of Edinburgh) or studying Welsh Baccalaureate (WB), it is really easy to become a MV as well
  • Volunteers out of pocket expenses can be paid subject to agreement
  • Volunteer hours can be backdated for the MV, if they already volunteer.  All they have to do is register


More about 25+V – this scheme is administered by PAVS in Pembrokeshire which gives recognition to people aged over 25 for their volunteering activities.


To register for either hourly reward scheme, or for more information on anything to do with volunteering, volunteers are asked to contact the Volunteering Team at PAVS: 01437 769422, volunteering@pavs.org.uk