Tribute to Father Paul Sartori


St. David’s & St. Patrick’s Church Haverfordwest 1967 – 1980,
Born Llanelli 17 July 1940, Died Swansea 16 April 1980.
Paul Sartori was a remarkable man who saw
the need for hospice care in Pembrokeshire.
Whilst trying to answer this need, he himself
became ill and died from cancer at the age of 39.

In his memory, a group of people began to strive to bring his ideas to fruition. As a result, in May 1981 the Paul Sartori Foundation was formed and in the following year began providing Hospice Care in Pembrokeshire. Although Paul Sartori was a Catholic Priest, the Foundation was established as a non-denominational organisation and it has no religious association.

Paul Sartori died in 1980 but for him to be remembered so vividly today shows that he was a very unique and special Parish Priest.The Paul Sartori Foundation which keeps his name alive owes its existence to him.  All the patients over the years and their families have cause to be glad; he was such a giving and caring human being. Even as a child and a teenager he seems to have been thinking of those who needed help and was always happy to find a way of providing it.

Paul Sartori as well as being very concerned and protective of the underprivileged, was also an entrepreneur who had he become a businessman might well have been extremely successful.  However, he chose to be a Parish Priest and in doing so gave all his great qualities of caring and love of life to the people he met everyday.

Demand for Service

The demand for the service has grown and we now provide over 17,500 hours of nursing care a year. It is difficult to predict levels of care, as we are demand led and it is therefore imperative that we maintain sufficient funds to cope with periods of high demand.

For some people a few hours support is all that is required but we can provide up to 24 hours a day skilled nursing care. We operate an open referral system and although the majority of the referrals come from professionals, we also receive them from family and friends.