A voting www.honeytraveler.com/buy-champix/ member is someone who has demonstrated practical support for Paul Sartori Foundation and would like to be a part of decisions made about the Charity.  There are no charges attached to becoming a voting member.  It is from the pool of voting members that Trustees are selected and elected.

How to become a voting member

The first  step for someone who thinks that they would like to become a voting member is to contact Sandra Dade,  Charity Manager /Company Secretary

A Trustee may approach someone and ask if they had considered becoming a voting member.

More information will be given both verbally and in hard copy, information will be provided on the constitution of the charity.  A form will have to be signed detailing, name, address and contact nos.

So what does a voting member do?

We hope that a voting member will continue to support the work of the charity, by attending events and continuing to be an active volunteer.  There is no obligation to meet regularly with officials of the charity.  It is hoped that voting members will attend the annual general meeting.  It is at the Annual General meeting that major decisions affecting the charity may be made.

However, the articles of association were updated in 2013 and now state in article 32 that  membership is automatically terminated if a member has not attended in person or by proxy for a period of three consecutive years at any general meeting of the charity.

Approved Voting Members list as of the AGM, Wednesday 15th July 2015 

 Voting Members 2015 – 2016
Folder No Title Name Surname Joining Date
1 Mrs Sara Alderman 05.08.2008
2 Mrs Betsan Powell 02.04.2014
3 Dr Roger Burns 18.07.1982
4 Mr Charles Clewett 03.03.2001
5 Mrs Anne Cromwell 06.11.2006
6 Dr Owen Cox 05.03.2001
7 Mr Matthew Durney 03.07.2013
8 Mrs Mary Davies 15.02.1995
9 Mr John Parsons 18.07.2012
10 Mrs Rachel Davies 08.11.2006
11 Ms Tamsin Dunwoody 01.08.2008
12 Ms Gwyneth Evans 26.09.2009
13 Mrs Chris Evans 27.06.1991
14 Mr Mike Evans 18.07.1982
15 Mrs Shirley Evans 16.02.2006
16 Mrs Sharon George 14.04.2010
17 Mrs Carmel Gould 18.07.1982
18 Mr Phil Thompson 27.03.2013
19 Mr Tom Hazelden 08.05.2012
20 Mr Adrian Jones 13.08.2015
21 Mrs Kathleen Hine 28.06.1991
22 Mr Ian Gravell 11.08.2015
23 Mrs Angela James 28.06.1991
24 Mrs Ruth Barns 04.08.2012
25 Mrs Jane Kelso 24.04.2010
26 Mr Christopher Le Breton 15.02.1995
27 Mrs Joan Mathias 09.06.1997
28 Mr Terry Morgan 08.08.2008
29 Mrs Liz Mozdiak 01.09.2008
30 Mrs Ros Raymond 26.06.2006
31 Mrs Ann Ritchie 01.08.1993
32 Mrs Myfanwy Chapman 16.09.2011
33 Mrs Julie Conybeare 16.10.2011
34 Mr Paul Davies 14.10.2011
35 Mrs Ann Freeman 05.10.2011
36 Mr Douglas King 12.09.2011
37 Mr Finlay Mackintosh 09.03.2001
38 Mrs Gillian Mathiar 24.04.2002
39 Mrs Maureen Molyneux 27.10.2011
40 Mrs Jacqueline Phillips 09.12.1992
41 Mrs Ann Rabaiotti 29.09.2011
42 Mr Alun Wills 18.01.2001
43 Mr Angela Burns 25.03.2013
44 Mr David Evans 12.11.2013
45 Mr Jason Tomlin 16.12.2013
46 Mr Neil Evans 20.01.2014
47 Mr Paul  Lister 15.01.2014
Hon. M Mr Enrico Sartori 25.09.2011
Hon. M Dr Penny Sartori 28.09.2011
Hon. M Mr Bernard Sartori 28.09.2011