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 PS100 Club

Paul Sartori Foundation is pleased to announce an initiative with local businesses has been set in motion – ‘The PS100 Club’.

The purpose of the 100 Club is to raise funds for the Hospice’s equipment loan service.  For a small donation of £100 per annum (that’s £8.34 per month!) a company can become a member of the 100 club.  The aim is to reach 100 members, making an annual income of £10,000 towards the running costs of the equipment service.

Members will receive:

  • company branding on the website
  • newsletters
  • be  marketed in a corporate diary.

The company member benefits from:

  • the promotion of its brand across Pembrokeshire and wider
  • raising its company profile,
  • having an opportunity to network and increase sales
  • having  the chance to be part of providing much needed care to those nearing the end of their life.

To  become a member get in touch with Sandra Dade

What do you have to do

  • Complete a donation form agreeing to pay by standing order
  • Text to Donate – dial a message to ‘70070’ and send message’PSFI00′ -make your pledge.
  • Or make a cheque payment to Paul Sartori Foundation

That is all you have to do we will do the rest!



 100 Club 2015


    If you make contact with any of the above businesses as a result of reading about them on our website please let them know that you found their name on the website of Paul Sartori Foundation – many thanks to all the businesses for their financial support!






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